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A bit about us

We are our very own small but perfectly formed gang. We are inquisitive, friendly, and like jaffa cakes a lot, plus we also have a shared interest in all things digital. And we are always up for a chat if you need some help.

We also all firmly believe in the power of reading – when you open up a new book, you open up a new world.

So we combined our design brilliance, WordPress smarts, and technical savvy, with our general know-how about all things publishing and created Publish Fox because we believe that you – writers and publishers alike – deserve better.

Publish Fox is a website builder and managed hosting combi – created specifically with you in mind – that is easy to use, looks the business, and it doesn’t break the bank.

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We can talk for hours about Publish Fox. Hours and hours and hours!

However – that said – we’ve tried not to overload this website with too much detail, so if you’ve got a question, or you need a little more information, or if you just fancy a chat, then simply pop your details into the form and we’ll be in touch tout suite!

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We’re not averse to making a coffee if you want to pop into the office. Just be sure to give us advance warning so we can tidy up the jaffa cake detritus!

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